Build 10 Login Pages in React 2022


The Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool that is mostly web-based, but there are also desktop applications for macOS and Windows that can be used offline. Figma has a mobile app for Android and iOS that lets you see and interact with Figma prototypes in real-time on your smartphone or tablet.


This front-end JavaScript library is free and open source. It lets you build user interfaces with UI components. It is run by Meta and a group of developers and businesses. React can be used to build single-page or mobile apps.

What you’ll learn in this class.

The main idea of this class is to build real projects from Figma Designs and prototypes in React JS.

I took React + CSS Mastery and a little bit of Figma in this class, so it’s a mix of both. By the end of this course, you will have a good idea of Figma and how Figma works.

We will use Figma resources to make 10 React + CSS login pages.

In these 10 Login pages, we’ll talk about almost every subject in CSS, like how to make a website look good and how to write code.

  • Learn about Typography
  • Divs, Sections, Containers
  • Learn about Margins and Paddings
  • Positions
  • Learn about Absolute and Relative Positions
  • Flexboxes
  • Box Shadows
  • Bootstrap
  • Grids
  • Responsive ness

Every time you log in, there will be a different theme and a different reason.

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